Arbor Day

Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday in April. It is derived from Latin and means “tree” day. It celebrates the planting, up keep and preservation of trees.

It originated back in 1870 in Nebraska City. Julius Sterling Morton, a journalist, moved to Nebraska City with his wife Caroline in 1854. They purchased 160 acres in Nebraska City and planted a variety of trees and shrubs. He then became editor of the Nebraska City News where he was able to share his knowledge of trees and stress their ecological importance to Nebraska.

On January 7, 1872 Morton proposed a day that would encourage all Nebraskans to plant trees. The agriculture board agreed and after a while it was set. It was originally t be called “Sylvan Day” in reference to forest trees but Morton convinced them to reflect on the appreciation of all trees an so it was called “Arbor Day.”



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